Treatment Today

I know I have been playing catch up and blogging from things that happened three weeks ago. However, I wanted to end this night (as I need to get to bed and plus I swear I am getting mouse clicker’s forearm) with something that happened TODAY. I spent all morning at the Cancer Center at Bergan Mercy seeing the oncology nurse practitioner (love her!), getting labs drawn, my port flushed, a zometa infusion via the port, and then a shot of Lupron. So I have a bandaid on my left buttock (really hip) and right boob (really chest) from the needle sticks today (I am on blood thinners so they don’t take a chance and always bandage me up). All went well. I have never taken zometa without chemo and all the drugs that go with it, like the massive amounts of steroids, so we’ll see how I feel in the morning. So far so good. Even had 3 zoom meetings today and two of them were Tai Chi classes for cancer patients. So below is a selfie from treatment today and then the other two are where Tallinn plants himself when I am doing Zoom Tai Chi. (right in front of me or right under my feet). Good thing we move slow, because I was stepping around him the whole time. :o)

3 thoughts on “Treatment Today

  1. My Shelby would try to do the same, but she gave up and would lay in the doorway.

    Thank you for the card; it meant so much!


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