Grand Tetons National Park

Our next stop on the way back towards home was Grand Tetons National Park in Jackson, Wyoming. It is just another gorgeous mountain place. Can you tell I am a mountain girl? I just love them. We were there for a day and a half and were able to see a couple of fox, over a dozen moose, a coyote, some elk, and some big horn sheep. One of the afternoons we went on a wagon ride out onto an Elk Refuge. The elk were just about to start heading out of the valley and into the mountains to have their young and live in their own areas until winter next year, when they come back to graze in this big valley again. Our guide was a girl from Idaho, who was also a vet tech. We were her last wagon ride crowd ever, as she would be moving on to work as a vet tech next winter. She was so knowledgeable. I was really impressed by her. Although there was still FEET of snow, it was warm (high 50’s and low 60’s) so we walked without jackets and even got a little sun on our faces as the sun was pretty bright reflecting off the snow. If you have never been to the Grand Tetons….put it on your bucket list!

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