Our Property in Montana

Two years ago we went on a tour of Glacier National Park. We fell in love with the area and ended up buying 10 acres of land about 25 minutes from the west entrance to Glacier National Park in rural Columbia Falls, MT. We bought the land site unseen because it was a great deal we just couldn’t pass up. The land is surrounded by mountains and all the houses in the area are also 10 acre parcels that cannot be split up. This assures us we’ll have lots of space. Almost all the “ranchettes” as they call them, have houses on them. We are one of two that are sold but not built on yet. You never really know how big 10 acres is until you walk it. We made the right choice, as it is just phenomenal. We went out there everyday…sometimes more than once a day to look at the views from different parts of the land…trying to figure out where the house should sit and the driveway should go. We also have a few trees on the edge of our property and we took some of the young saplings and replanted them in the middle of our acreage so we might have a few trees once we start building in two years or so. The whole area used to be a potato farm. On the edge of our property was a root cellar and a tiny shack/house used to be there. Rich wanted to tear it down and fill it in, but once we talked to some neighbors who had lived there many decades, we decided we want to restore it. We’ll make it sound then use reclaimed barn wood to side the small building that we can keep stuff we may need close to the road. One of the days we were there, a plane was circling around above us and we realized it was a KC-135 stratotanker….the plane Rich flew more than any other aircraft when on active duty. We took that as a good sign that we were meant to be there. Tallinn loved everything about it. There are so many wild animals around. Herds of deer (you never just saw 5…it was more like 30 at a time) and turkey…they travelled in large groups as well. Tallinn loved roaming around smelling the smells and fetching sticks Lily was throwing for him. Many of our neighbors have horses, cows, goats, etc. Being here makes me truly want to fight hard for time…because I really want to make to sit on my front porch and look out over those beautiful mountains.

3 thoughts on “Our Property in Montana

  1. What an amazing combo – flat land to build on, gorgeous mountains to gaze on, wildlife to celebrate God’s good creation with!


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