Missouri River Headwaters near Three Forks, MT

Oh my goodness, we had fun here! It was super windy but warmish (low 60’s maybe – it’s all relative) yet there were some piles of snow still in shady areas. We had been in the car forever at this point (this was day 3 so we were all itching to get out and play – us and the dog). Tallinn was a great traveler. He needed to be out and running though for a bit. He has never been swimming. He loves to cool his toes in but has never really been in the water. Tallinn is a bit neurotic…he gets very fixated on things like balls, toys, sticks, and rocks. Rich skipped a rock across the still very cold and quickly running Missouri River and Tallinn went after that rock with gusto. Right into the strong current. He got about 30 feet out, realized he could no longer see the rock and he was in over his head….literally. He turned around and we all saw the whites of his eyes as he panicked a bit trying to swim to shore. That was his indoctrination to swimming. Ever since we have had to try and keep him out of the water! Oh, and the bigger the stick the better for Tallinn! He enjoys thwacking Rich on the back of the knees with his “stick” so he will turn around. Tallinn then drops it at his feet and waits impatiently for him to throw it for him. He is a strange little fellow but he sure did give us a lot of laughs on the trip!

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