My Sister Comes for a Visit

I have a younger sister named Pam, and she and her three kids and husband live in Goshen, Indiana. It had been 8 years since she had come to Nebraska to visit, so she took a few days off and came to visit a few days after we got back from our Montana/Wyoming trip. She brought 2 of her 5 dogs with her, so Tallinn was busy during those few days she visited as well. Unfortunately it rained quite a bit whilst she was here, but we managed to get a tour of the store in, a good walk with all three dogs (went way better than I expected), and we also went out so I could show her the Holy Family Shrine. It was pretty windy, even though the sun was out and we both got a bit disoriented when looking up at the big crucifix with the clouds moving fast behind it. It gave the illusion that Christ was coming down off the cross. I saw it first and was wondering if my chemo brain fog was doing me in, but was relieved when she looked up, she almost fell over backwards as well. It was great to have Pam visit!

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