A Secret Trip to Houston

I told you I had been busy! less than 36 hours after my sister left from Omaha, I got on a plane in Omaha and my son, Joe, got on a plane in Kansas City, and we both flew to Houston to surprise my mom for her 75th birthday, which was Tuesday, April 13th. We arrived pretty early in the morning on Monday. My brother, Craig, picked us up and we went over to his house for a little while before he dropped us off at my parents’ house. My mom volunteers at the church on Monday mornings, so Joe and I were able to spend some time with my dad. My dad’s mind has been failing him over the last decade and it was hard to know he would have never known who we were if my brother hadn’t yelled out the truck window that he had “Joe, his grandson, and Cyndi, his daughter” in the truck with him. His eyesight is really going (although for some reason he always gets a clean bill of health from his eye doctor). He is typically pretty quiet, willing to just sit and listen to conversations. However, when he is out walking the loop of his neighborhood, which he does 3-4 times a day, he is pretty chatty….although he has a hard time finding his words now. I know how that is…chemo has done a number on my brain and some days are harder than others. He now wears an ID bracelet with his name and my mom’s name and phone number on it so if he finds himself lost, he can show it to someone. It was very hard to watch him be so lost…even in his own home surroundings this time. I was thankful that Joe was there to also spend some time with him. We definitely surprised my mom and had a great couple of days with her. We flew in on Monday morning and left Wednesday afternoon. It was quick but fun. I always enjoy spending time with Craig and his wife and son as well. I had not flown in over 2 years. The planes I was on were completely full. I double masked for the planes and tried not to touch much…just read my kindle for the 90 minute or so flights. It was a great trip and I am so glad we went!

2 thoughts on “A Secret Trip to Houston

  1. I am so glad you and Joe went and saw your mom. And it is hard to watch when someone starts to lose their ability to think clearly. Seems like it’s an entirely different person. But the love you have is so strong and the joy you bring to everyone you come in contact with is infectious. You are a beauty beyond words and I am so proud to call you my friend. Glad the vacation went so well that you were able to see your family. God is so good to us  CyndiSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. That’s so special, I’m glad you were able to meet Joe and go! Happy birthday to your mom! Foggy brain or no, you’re a terrific writer! I can tell your dad has a great support system in your mom and brother and I like the way he told him who you were beforehand so your dad didn’t have to be confused. We always did that with Tom’s mom too.


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