Timbo Slice

When Tim was younger, I called him Timbo Slice….a play on his name and a famous bare knuckle brawler turned UFC fighter, Kimbo Slice. Anyhow, Tim is an intense person. He has very red hair and a lot of it…so of course he has the tendency to be intense. Anyone who has every played a sport with him or been trained by him knows that he is focused and works hard. However, he really has a playful, funny side to balance out that seriousness. I was looking for some military paperwork this afternoon and found this note and coupons enclosed. It was probably from when he was a freshman or sophomore in high school. We actually talked about these “coupons” he gave me 9-10 years ago just this past Christmas as he wanted to play Monopoly. It is not fun to play monopoly with Tim. He is cut throat and always wins. Blech. Let me refer to to my former statement….Tim is intense. Playing board games can be fun or miserable. No in between. Anyhow, I mentioned I had a coupon to not have to play and he said I needed to stop using that coupon…that I had used it too many times now! Anyhow…below are the pictures…proof that I have kept this all these years and through a move. I will type out what it says as well…

“Merry Christmas!! (use these tokens only once) Sorry I didn’t buy you anything, but #1: you didn’t ask for any specific gift and #2: I spend all my $ on dad’s card. :o) I hope you like my pretty legit improv gift! I love you and I wish that I don’t just take all the things you do for me for granted. For how much you do, I don’t give you the respect you deserve and I apologize for that. On a brighter note, enjoy the gift! From your coolest and soon-to-be-tallest child, Tim Messina – in case you thout it was some other Tim :o) And the coupons were: Tim makes one recipe of your choice…..A free hour of reading with NO DISTRACTIONS…..Get out of playing monopoly free card!…..A free hour of TV with no distractions…..A day where I DON’T ask what’s for dinner…..Tim puts Lily to bed!…..A day without (Tim eating) fiberone bars – that means no farting!!…..and the last one…..A free hug! I admit I have never handed any of these back to him….and have used several of them multiple times. It was an awesome gift! I had Lily read this and she laughed and said, “Classic Tim. Sounds just like him!”

3 thoughts on “Timbo Slice

  1. Tim has such a great sense of humor! Loved reading your blog about him! And I enjoyed YOUR style of writing. I gave coupons to my daughter for Christmas one year, and we had so much fun with them! She didn’t redeem all of them, but we had a good time using the ones she did. … like coupon for lunch, coupon to go to Lauritzen Gardens, etc. Thanks for sharing this sweet memory!


  2. Precious memories of the (boy) now man you love. What a special heart he hasSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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