I know I have inundated you with posts as of late, trying to play catch up and then adding bits and bobs here and there of randomness…but I got a message today via email that I am going to share because it hit the nail right on the head….especially for me…where I am right now. Each morning I get a message from the Pope…words of encouragement and/or wisdom through a email program called Missio. Even if you are not Catholic, this is such a great message. This was originally from his homily on January 6th, 2021:

“A journey always involves a transformation, a change. After a journey, we are no longer the same. There is always something new about those who have made a journey: they have learned new things, encountered new people and situations, and found inner strength amid the hardships and risks they met along the way. No one worships the Lord without first experiencing the interior growth that comes from embarking on a journey.” ~ Pope Francis

Prayers for you all reading this who are on a journey. It isn’t easy and can try and shake your faith. I certainly know by experience how that can happen….and to be cut off from your Church family for nearly a year doesn’t help. However, the Holy Spirit and those shoulder taps…the sudden thoughts that come into your brain from nowhere to contact a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile…and realize she really needed someone to talk to right that instant….those moments, if you are listening closely enough and following through with what you think you should do, reinforces your faith in a powerful way. So we are all on a journey of some kind. Some harder than others. Pack some q-tips for the way to clean your ears out to hear those messages…because some are just barely a whisper and some of those are the most important to hear. Love you all!

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