My Impact Kickboxing Family is the Best!

I am not even sure where to start with these folks. I belonged to the Impact Kickboxing gym for about 2 years before I had to stop kickboxing there and start kicking cancer’s butt from home. I had a brief time over the summer where I was able to kickbox in my garage. I would still like to get back to that if I can get another heavy bag. Kickboxing on blood thinners is not necessarily what the doctor would like for me to do…but man, I sure do miss working out my frustrations on a bag. It is as much for my mental health as my physical. Anyhow, I digress. Impact’s fit fam (as they call themselves) were such a support to me when I was first diagnosed with stage IV cancer. They rallied around me and I was so incredibly touched by the outpouring of love. I had only ever gone to the 5:30 a.m. class…so I had some regulars that I was pretty close with in that class. Kickboxing is not the kind of workout you get to talk through. If you can talk through it, you aren’t working hard enough. I got to know these folks for 10 minute talks before and after class…and the classic eyeroll passing between us throughout class. ( I am particularly guilty of this). Through social media (we have our own private Facebook group), I got to know other people at the gym that go to other classes. They rallied around me to bring meals…even on Thanksgiving Day (Michelle Krueger, her sisters, and Heather Doyle are the bomb). They were just over-the-top supportive. This is a very diverse group of people….from all walks of life and experiences. I am blessed to call them friends. Even when a lot of my church friends quickly faded away into the woodwork of the pandemic quiet…these folks were still sending me texts and messages online…dropping by with flowers (Ruth) and plates of goodies (Michelle Krueger again!) and sending me warm thoughts. Are these folks Catholics? Some… Are they Christian? Some…. Are they covered in tattoos and swear every 4th word? Many…. But they have such good souls and have moved me to tears with their compassion and support even though many I haven’t seen in over a year now. Thank you! If you ever need a gym to go to…these folks are the best in Omaha! You will get a good workout and a supportive family if you just let them in! Here’s one of my latest messages from this past weekend. This crazy guy dresses up in outfits and works out in them. It is a total morale booster for everyone. He was a reindeer the other day. His transformation has been amazing! Thanks Jonathan Hart…you are the best!

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