Inside-out Flowers

Okay, so I do not have a big green thumb. That happens when you only get to live someplace for 3 years at a time. However, we have a ton of plants in our house. When I first had my two cancer surgeries 6.5 years ago, I got a plant from Ed & Wanda Oslica….a pink Cyclamen (or as I call them, inside-out flowers). I managed to keep that plant alive and happy for 6 years. It grew so big that Rich replanted it. It didn’t survive the repotting, unfortunately. It totally broke my heart. When I had my surgery last November, the Oslicas again gave me a plant of Cyclamen….this time white. It was so pretty! However, it all of a sudden didn’t do well and then as Rich tried to revive it and it got overwatered. It is in a sad state right now and I am still hopeful it may revive itself. I was totally gutted though…I had these plants that brought me such joy as they would bloom all the time…especially during the winter months. When Lily and I were at Mulhall’s they had tons of these potted plants in all sorts of colors I had never seen. I was so very tempted to buy one for myself but I told Lily it wouldn’t be the same…as those flowers meant something special to me being from a good friend who was wishing me well. They are my “you can do this and get better” flowers. So I passed on buying some for myself.

The next day, I had a message from a friend of mine from my kickboxing gym. I hadn’t seen Ruth in forever and she had something she was going to drop by. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her (which is probably a good thing as I would have been a soppy mess on the doorstep), but she dropped by a gorgeous red Cyclamen plant for me. I accused Rich of telling her about this. He totally denied it. Even Lily came out of her room and saw it and said…”What are the chances?????” I totally feel like the Holy Spirit was working through Ruth that day. I got a little nudge from God saying that He was still there and still in control. Thank you Ruth Ehler! You totally made the rest of my month!

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