New Wedding Date!

First of all, Joe and Michelle have recovered fully from their COVID-19 battle. Michelle had it much worse than Joe, who only had minor cold symptoms. They are both no longer contagious but Michelle will have to take some time off of work until she can go back per their protocol in place. She works for the government and they have strict rules for these situations. They are not sure where they contracted it, but are thankful that their friends and co-workers they have been around all tested negative. What did quarantining together allow them to do? Get plan B going for their wedding! They called the venue and they had just had a cancellation and so they took that date. Their wedding party can still all make it, but they had to coordinate a bit with getting a new photographer, DJ, and someone to do the girls’ hair. So the wedding is now….drum roll, please….October 17, 2020. So 5 weeks past the first date, which was this past Saturday. I am not going to lie, it was a tough day for all of us, but especially the bride and groom…who had to let it pass like just another…when it would have been their wedding day. I had gathered some things for Michelle (and Joe) since I was unable to have a bridal shower for our side of the family for her. Many of you that are friends of mine on Facebook, knew I was putting together a recipe book for Michelle. Many of you sent recipes for the book. I had 100 recipes and it turned out great! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. They were able to open my box and open some gifts for their kitchen along with the cookbook. Now we are on wedding countdown again. A month from today!

Although we weren’t at a wedding this past Saturday, two people that were supposed to be at the wedding with us changed their travel plans from Kansas City to Omaha and came and spent the weekend with us. One was my brother, Craig Neitzke, from Houston. It was great to have him here when it wasn’t crazy (every time he has visited there has been a major family event going on with a lot of extra people). He got to visit the Harley Davidson store and our store for a little shopping before learning how to play Settler’s of Catan…our favorite board game we play at least one night a week. I think Craig enjoyed the cooler weather up here in Omaha! Our other visitor was our son, Tim, from Colorado! It was fun having him here to play Settler’s….and to also watch the UFC fights with. He and I have watched them together for years…actually over a decade. If we aren’t together to watch them, we text each other, but it is much more fun live and in person. I have missed him!

I want to send a special shout out to those who were just so wonderful last week when everything hit the fan and my spirits hit the dirt. Todd and Deb Banchor….you are the best surrogate big brother and sister a gal could ask for. They brought over pie….and more importantly, hugs. Wanda Oslica talked me off the preverbal ledge with a phone call. Paula Buck brought over chocolates (always will cure what ails you!) Spending time with Craig and Tim, and lots of time on the phone with Joe and Michelle helped as well. I haven’t seen Joe since my birthday in mid February. I am missing my oldest child A LOT. I will see him in 4 weeks….I just need to get through another chemo treatment next week and pray that the blood thinners worked and my lungs are clear when I am done. I will be having an teleconference with my sarcoma specialist from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on Oct 7th to confirm that we will continue with what we have been doing. That is my hope!

Tim and his mom
Me and my baby brother, Craig
Craig, Cyndi, and Lily

4 thoughts on “New Wedding Date!

  1. Glad your spirits are better. John and I pray for you every night. I’ve been off FB for awhile now so I am grateful you have this blog.

    Weddings are so exciting! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

    God’s blessings,
    Mary Feda


  2. Hey, Cyndi- so glad things are working out for the wedding, and the family time in the meantime! Sending a virtual hug your way and prayers for the upcoming chemo, and of course for a delightful wedding celebration-


  3. So glad to get the update on you and your life, Cyndi. So glad the new countdown is on! October 17th sounds like a beautiful time of the year, too. Sending you a great big hug!
    Love and prayers,


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