I am a lover of all tings martial arts. I have two black belts – one in Chinese Kempo – one in Okinawan Shorinryu – and I got up pretty high in traditional TaeKwonDo when I lived in Europe as well. The Asian trifecta of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean martial arts. I am also quite well-versed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well. I got involved in kickboxing a few years ago and managed to belong to an awesome place called Impact Kickboxing here in Omaha and workout there for 5 days a week for almost 2 years before I got my cancer diagnosis. The people there were so incredibly supportive of me and my family. I am in daily contact with them still to this day. My 0530 crew always adds a hashtag of #wefight4Cyndi at the end of their posts. This is such a diverse group of people and yet we are bonded by blood, sweat, tears, and for some vomit….with these workouts. They all got t-shirts that said “We fight for Cyndi” on them. I am so blessed to have met these folks! I am finally feeling good enough to get back to working out again in addition to my 5 mile walks with Tallinn. Rich helped me set up a home kickboxing gym in our garage and I have designed 20 workouts with cardio and weightlifting to go along with the bag work. I have worked out each week day for the last two weeks and it has done wonders for my physical and definitely my mental health. It just feels so good to get some of my frustration out on the heavy bag each day. Here are a couple of photos….Tallinn isn’t fond of the heavy bag as he feels that if I am attacking it, it must just be a bad thing in general. Here are a few photos from my kickboxing adventures….

RED Fridays
Tallinn being sneaky about standing on my handwraps so I can’t put them on…so I can’t work out and get after that nasty bag
One of my workouts

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  1. I am so impressed, Cindy, with your stamina and energy for the kickboxing and the 5 mile walks! 😊👍❤️🙏

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