Doxil Round #5 is Done!

I got up early today and did my kickboxing workout…took a cold shower because I could not stop sweating….and then headed to the cancer center for my oncology appointment, blood work, and chemo treatment. I also got my second dose of IV Zometa….not a chemo drug, but a drug that helps seal off and strengthen my bones so I don’t get more bone mets (I have one in my L2 area). So I got the works today and was there from 0845 to 1400, so a little over 5 hours. I am including my kickboxing photo from this morning and my chemo photo (which my awesome oncology nurse, Nora, has taken for me for the last 5 times since Rich can’t be with me). The green bag has ice in it. I ice my hands and feet for the hour that the Doxil is being infused to hopefully stave off some of the hand/foot syndrome I have. I went on a walk this evening with Tallinn, Rich and Lily. I was cool and breezy….very nice. I hope that holds true for tomorrow morning. I then went grocery shopping later this evening and it was still pretty empty. Omaha is legally requiring masks in public buildings and places you can’t properly social distance starting Monday. A majority of folks have already been doing that. Anyhow, got almost 3 miles in today walking. Not bad for a chemo day. But I am pooped. Heading to bed with the hopes that reading a book will allow me to sleep and not let the IV steroids I had today keep me up most of the night. G’night peeps!

Doxil Round 5
Trying to kickbox 5 days a week in my garage…

6 thoughts on “Doxil Round #5 is Done!

  1. Gosh….just your workout routine got me tired, but also told me I have no excuses. Glad you are able to get back to kickboxing even though you have to do it at home. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers every day. Stay strong!


  2. You’re amazing! You accomplish so much activity in one day. May God continue to bless your spirit and drive with His healing hands.
    Always in our prayers!


  3. You’re amazing, Cyndi! Your drive and attitude is an inspiration and your faith is that of a true servant. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You and your family are in our prayers. πŸ’žπŸ™


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