Doxil Round #4 in the Books!

This morning I had blood work done…all good…a doctor’s appointment, and finally my 4th round of Doxil. Rich was able to be with me for all of it this time. He was truly surprised at what my chemotherapy chemicals actually looked like. It IS bright red! The doctor did not have any news on the testing of my tumor that I asked him to do (from surgery on Nov 1, 2019). He hadn’t heard anything yet…and I wanted to make sure it was actually ordered. My local doctor is going to send the CT scans done last month to my sarcoma specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Monday I will call his office and get a zoom meeting set up to discuss how things are going. The cancer center and infusion center were packed as tomorrow is an observed holiday and they are closed. And so it is done…ready to enjoy the next couple of days before the “icks” set in on Sunday. Tallinn seems to know I have a new dose of poison swirling in my veins, as he is stuck to my side right now. What a God-send this little guy is…especially since I had to forego our long walk this morning for treatment. God blessed me with him, that is for sure. He makes me smile everyday, no matter where my mind is heading. On to getting tasks done for the next couple of days!

One thought on “Doxil Round #4 in the Books!

  1. Oh, God bless you, Cyndi! Seeing the picture makes it all the more real. We’re glad you have a few days clear sailing ahead. I love being with my dogs. And I wish I had Lulu’s love for a walk no matter how hot or tired. She’s all go and loves every minute. I try to catch a little of her enthusiasm. and God knows she sets me a good example. We now have 2 since the last one needed a home. When Michael left for college God knew I needed “Myrtle. “ How does God know! ? 😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🗽🎆🇺🇸

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