Comparing Fuzzy Heads

I got an extra week off from chemo to allow my rash to heal (which it is) and my blisters on my hands and feet to heal (only one new one this week! Whoop whoo!). I go into the Cancer Center tomorrow morning bright and early to have labs drawn, see the doctor again and then go to chemo. I have been walking earlier in the morning (around 0700 or 0730 usually) and I still come back soaking wet from the humidity, which is neverending right now. Tallinn is not a fan either, I can tell, but never turns down a chance at a walk. There are way too many bunnies to lunge at (my right arm is now 2″ longer than my left thanks to that) and turkeys and their babies (I call them goblets) to stalk to turn down walks in the neighborhood. My son, Joe, passed his EMT national registry exam, praise God! He has applied to a couple of fire departments and is now playing the waiting game. Tim has started his third grad class and just found out he was named 9Round trainer of the year (2019) for Lincoln! Lily passed her Personal Finance class with flying colors for summer school and now we are moving on to studying for her driver’s permit, now that the DMV is open for business again. Rich, Lily, and I just celebrated 10 years since we moved to Nebraska…five in Bellevue and now five in Omaha. I am studying Spanish everyday on Duolingo (you compete against other people around the world….dangerous for me because I am pretty competitive), and have been trying lots of new recipes out on Rich and Lily. I got a chance to see two friends from my kickboxing gym last weekend at a drive by baby shower that was for one of them. It was so wonderful to see what I now call “outsiders”! My good friend Wanda Oslica brought Lily and me Chic-fil-A for lunch and a natter. It was so wonderful catching up and giving this woman a hug! We were stationed in Norway with them and then followed them here to Nebraska. Their son, Zac, is best friends and best man for my Joe – who is officially getting married Sept 12th because I got the invitation today! Yay! Made my week!

So the fuzzy head statement….I have three people that I am in contact with at least once a week. All three of them are currently going through cancer treatment. This morning on my walk, I was called by my friend, Todd Banchor. He is like a big brother to me and I met him at our Bible Study Group called Nazareth from St. Gerald. He actually is in remission, but is still getting some outpatient maintenance treatment. I am so happy for him that he is beating cancer! I prayed so much for him last year during his time of uncertainty. He calls me every week to make sure that my head is in a good place. He and his wife dropped off some beautiful flowers last week and they still grace my dining room table. Then there is my soul mate, Fiona Macklon down in Houston. We lived in Norway together. She is originally from Scotland and I could listen to her talk all day long…that accent! She is also stage IV….and it is a club you don’t want to belong to, but the members are tight. She and I text each other several times a week and she sent me some wonderful honey bandages that I am going to use on my skin when it decides to go all wonky on me again in about 10 days. Then there is Kathy Trudell. She is also in my Nazareth group. Yep…12 of us and three of us are in chemo treatment…actually there may be four….anyhow, it is a fabulous group of Christians who I just love to pieces. They are family. Kathy has breast cancer and has been going through everything about the same time I have. We got our ports surgically placed about a week apart and then started chemo about the same time. We were texting this morning and taking pictures of our heads and comparing our fuzzy peach fuzz heads. I just found it so funny…we are having head fuzz envy back and forth. These are moments of joy in the journey that make me smile.

It’s a little crazy because I was just back from a walk…and wearing a hat, but yes, there is hair there….super fine and baby soft and BROWN.

3 thoughts on “Comparing Fuzzy Heads

  1. I love reading your posts! Don’t get me wrong… I hate that you have cancer, but reading your posts lifts me up because of your positive attitude and your sense of humor.
    And I love your hair. My brother (cancer, 10 years) might be jealous!
    love and prayers continue, Kathy J


  2. I seriously love you! Your attitude amazes me!! Hurray for a wedding date. I’m so excited for all of you. Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration!


  3. Oh, so good to hear from you and get your update. I always enjoy reading your “musings. “It does seem you do about three times as much as I do in a day so I am very impressed. Just saw Rose and Tom at the 12:15 mass and talked a bit. Sounds like there’s sun is a little touching go right now in his recovery. And they should hear more about their granddaughter and her condition today. I’m sure they would love prayers And I told them I would. Congrats on all your kids accomplishments and September 12 will be here before you know it. My son’s wedding three years ago was such a special day even more than I imagined. Well, happy Fourth of July! Sending a big hug, love and prayers.

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