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The scans went well on Thursday. They were able to access my port for the IV rather than start another IV, which I appreciated. The scan really only took about 10 minutes. I was pretty much emotionally spent by the time I went home though. Tallinn had also had a trying experience at the vet’s that morning. Poor thing…he really can’t stand to be messed with…especially by people he doesn’t know. He just fights like a banshee. Even with a five mile walk just under his belt, he was still so upset with what he was going through, that they called me within 15 minutes to come and get him and love on him. We spent the afternoon snuggling and recovering from the emotional turmoil of the day. I have not heard anything about the results of the scans yet. Hopefully I will either get a report sent to my online patient records or a call from my doctor. Still praying for good news so I can stay on this chemo another 3 months.

The weather here has been so incredibly hot. Until today, I have been still getting in my 5 miles each morning with Tallinn. Today is supposed to be beastly hot. At 0815, it was already past 80 and sunny. Tallinn and I just meandered in our neighborhood, trying to find shady streets. We managed 3 miles before I called it quits for today. Thank goodness for a stiff Nebraska breeze. I think the hot weather has done a world of good for the flora and fauna around here. The Japanese beetles aren’t crawling all over everything yet, so the knockout roses are bursting with blossoms in all colors in my yard and neighborhood. The result is also that my allergies (which I am thinking is cottonwood – as it happens when I see those white floaty cotton wisps flying in the air) are driving me crazy. Luckily it only lasts for a week or so each year.

Tim is moving to Colorado at the end of the week. I can’t believe he’ll be so far away. I am so happy for him, but it will be hard to say goodbye on Friday morning. Rich and Lily are going to head out there Friday afternoon to drop off the rest of his belongings. Joe is still activated with the National Guard and is in St. Louis. He has orders for two weeks, so we’ll see how things go this week. So far he has been safe. He says people are either being wonderful and giving them water (it’s hot all over the midwest and he is in full “battle rattle” as he calls it) or people are yelling at him and calling him names. Please keep both of my sons in your prayers. It is almost time for Sunday Mass. My parish opened up last Sunday in time for Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. I am not supposed to go yet, so I am still watching online…missing seeing my good friends in person. I am sure the priests are happy to have people in the pews again, instead of looking at the pictures taped to the pew.

I leave you with a couple of pictures. The picture on the bridge is where Tallinn and I take our walks in the morning. The one of us on the couch is from Thursday afternoon…when we both just gave and took love and emotional support to each other.

4 thoughts on “No News Yet

  1. Good to hear from you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers with these results coming back soon. God must have such a tender heart… to have created Dogs! They are just so great, especially when you need them most. Sending you a hug, love and prayers.

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  2. Cyndi, I know you will miss Tim, but Fort Collins is a wonderful town…so fun for young people. Hope you will be able to visit soon! Try to keep your chin up and know you are loved, my Friend 🥰


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