This past weekend was prom at Lily’s high school. Lily is not a dancer….she is not into crowds…she is not into dating….or all the drama that goes along with it. I had given up hope that she would ever go to any of the dances. However, she and her best friend, Sam (female), decided they should go to Prom this last year of high school. She told me less than 2 weeks before the dance. The dance was being held at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, a beautiful place filled with gardens. I immediately started thinking of long, beautiful dresses. Lily is such a petite girl, she would look lovely in so many dresses. My only daughter….I was kinda looking forward to all that fuss. We had planned to be house hunting during that time in Montana, so Rich quickly changed our travel plans so we would be in town for her prom. Alas, she informed us that she was dressing up as an anime character and so was her friend, Sam. They have gone to two ComiCon events in the last couple of years and plan on going to Naka Kon over Memorial Day weekend in Overland Park. At any rate, here she is dressed up in character for the Prom. She was probably the most comfortably dressed person there. They went to the after prom party at a bowling alley and had a great time. She even had a random stranger from her school come up and say he knew who she was dressed up as…which made her feel good. Her is the character and then Lily dressed up as him. I am glad she went and glad she had a good time. She got in at 2:30 in the morning and we got up an hour later to leave for Montana.

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