California Coastline

A short week after we returned home from Florida, Rich and I repacked our bags for cooler weather and flew out to California to see our son, Tim. Tim works as a strength and conditioning coach at Stanford University. He was hired there 16 months ago as a temp and they have taught him so much there! He is in the process of looking for a new job somewhere in the U.S. now….hopefully moving prior to when we do in mid June. I know whomever hires him will get a very devoted, knowledgeable, and hard worker. His move is the last piece of the puzzle of our crazy lives right now. We are all anxious to see where he ends up! Either way, it will be a permanent job with BENEFITS, which is huge. He is hoping to leave California and it’s crazy prices in his rearview mirror. We spent 6 days with Tim and it was wonderful. He picked us up at the San Fransisco airport and we took Hwy 1 up the coast of California from there. Here are some of the sites we saw that day. We saw a lot of rugged coastline. One of the places we stopped, there was a whole hillside of succulent plants. It was so strange! We also found a little snake on the walking path in those succulents. ugh. I am not a snake fan, big or small! There was a carving from driftwood of a momma whale with a babywhale. On the other side of it was a bench. There was an older man sitting there (which you cannot see) but his chocolate lab totally had his eye on me and photobombed the photo (which I love). There was a barbed wire fence that someone bent to be two connecting hearts overlooking the ocean, which was also neat. We stopped at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, but alas, no glass. It used to be that instead of shells, there was piles of smoothed sea glass on the beach. We didn’t really find any. Evidently everyone would take it with them and now there isn’t much left. There is a photo of a seagull on a cliff overlooking the waves crashing below. He seemed to enjoy the view as much as we did!

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