Lily’s Photoshoot

When the boys were in high school a decade ago, they used to have to take the ACT on Saturdays. Now it is a part of the junior curriculum and they are given during the school day. This past Tuesday, Lily’s school gave the ACT to the Juniors and sophomores. If you were a freshman or senior, you had the day off. Lily had big plans to get her hair chopped off. I wanted to get some traditional Chinese dress photos prior to said haircut. We made a deal – that if she would do the whole photoshoot thing with me, I would then drive her straight to the hair salon to get her hair cut. Thankfully, midday on a Tuesday, there aren’t a lot of people in the Old Market passageway in Omaha. It was deserted and we were there about an hour just having fun. I had envisioned these photos for over a year, so I am glad we got them done!

8 thoughts on “Lily’s Photoshoot

  1. These are PERFECT!!! Such a beautiful girl and lovely location! The lighting and poses are amazing!! You’ll treasure these forever. So will she!!


  2. The pictures are beautiful!! Lily is such a beautiful young lady. I love the ones where she has a big smile. She has such a beautiful smile. Congratulations, Lily, on your upcoming graduation.


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