Thank you

I wanted to thank every one of you who sent me warm wishes yesterday. It was a hard day on so many levels, but I was kept busy. I did my normal Barre and Dancefit classes in the morning at the gym. Then I came home to a weekly photography zoom meeting….took a shower and was ready to meet Rich for lunch at 1230. The doorbell rang and Zac Oslica (Joe’s best friend) and his mom, Wanda, were at the door. They came with yummy carbs and an invitation to lunch. Zac had gotten off of shift at the fire department that morning and drove up from Kansas City to get to Omaha for lunch. I may have cried a little – it meant so much to me. He had lunch with us and then was going back down to Kansas City to try and beat the winter storm we were expecting. Plus, today is Zac’s birthday, as well as his girlfriend’s, Megan. So happy birthday to them. Grief zoom meeting number one ensued. I then got some laundry done and talked with my mom for awhile. Then grief zoom meeting number two…my local one that is monthly for grieving moms. By 8:20 I was finally done with my day and sat down with Rich and Lily to open cards and packages. I wanted to share with you what Lily gave me. I asked her last May if she would paint a portrait of Joe from a photo I had of him. I wanted her to change the helmet he was wearing to reflect that he wasn’t a recruit but a firefighter in the painting. I even went with her to Michaels on the last day of her junior year to buy her all the supplies she would need to paint it. I asked her a few times over the summer but she just put it off and I thought she had blown off the whole thing, However, she surprised me with this painting last night. I may have ugly cried when I saw it. I can’t tell you how realistic it is….the shading of his jacket…the detail of his gloves and wrinkles of his pocket. It blew me away. Today I spent a few hours making sure that she had everything she needed to get her spot verified for the Kansas City Art Institute. I have no question in my mind that is where she is meant to be.

4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. That is so amazing and precious! Lily is such a beautiful soul and so talented! I cried again reading this this morning, even though I saw it on Facebook on your birthday. I think of you and pray for you every day. You’re such a great mom, love to you!


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