Sunset Tour in Clearwater, Florida

I am playing catch up with photo processing pictures from my good camera. I have been travelling quite a bit so I am just getting some down time to go through some photos. Michelle and I went on a sunset tour on a boat in Clearwater, Florida. It was supposed to be an afternoon dolphin tour, but I had a scheduling snafu and so we ended up on the sunset cruise, which was really spectacular. We did happen to see a few dolphins on our way out to the gulf. Prior to going on the cruise, we took off our shoes and walked in the cool, white sand and dipped our toes in the surf and chatted for awhile. It was a relaxing start to our time in Florida! Something I learned about the brown pelican….which are all over the place in central Florida…..when their heads are stained with yellow, they are in the mating season. Brown pelicans are some of the smallest of the pelican family – and they aren’t that small. The heads are yellow on these brown pelicans…so they are in mating season!

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