Universal Studios

Little known fact: Michelle and I are Potter heads. We both really like the magical world of Harry Potter. So, we saved a day to experience Harry Potter World. That was fun. We had frozen butter beer and attempted to not get poked in the eye with rogue wands being waved. We also went through other parts of the park, like Jurassic Park. We put 20,000 steps in and had a great time taking in the sites and just people watching. There were a lot of families all dressed up in Harry Potter costumes of some sort. The weather was great and we spent the day just wandering around. We finished our day at the Chocolate Emporium. I got the biggest and best sugar cookie I have ever had there. I made it last two days! The rest of our trip is mostly caught on my good camera…so it may be a bit before I can get to those, as I am heading to Houston tomorrow (driving). I will try to get them up soon!

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