Happy 18th Birthday Lily!

I wanted to hop on here real quick and give a happy birthday shout out to Lily Su Grace! Happy 18th birthday! It is amazing how much she has grown since we adopted her in China 16 years ago. She was so shy and afraid of everything…even a slide at the park terrified her….momentarily. She always seems to conquer her fears and just go into life headlong. Her dad and her brothers are always egging her on, but she has learned to give as good as she gets. Her quick wit is amazing and she makes me laugh every day. I don’t know if she understands what a gift that is to give to someone….to make them smile and get them to belly laugh. In every state but Nebraska, today she is the age of majority…an adult. She has less than 6 months left here, so she’ll be a legal adult somewhere soon! Speaking of somewhere….she is supposed to announce where she wants to go to college to us tonight. I am excited to hear where she wants to go so we can start helping her move in that direction. But for today, we are just giving thanks for this bright light that was added to our family a little over 16 years ago. Our family would be so much less lively without her. So heres to my beautiful, witty, snarky, clever daughter, Lily! Happy Birthday, Honey. We love you so very much! Here are 18 photos from across your life with us….taken all over the world.

3 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday Lily!

  1. What a beautiful young lady and I am sure she is a joy to be around! Happy Birthday, Lily! I hope you had an amazing day celebrating you.


  2. Beautiful photos and I love what you said about her quick wit! Happy 18th birthday to Lily, can’t wait to hear which college she picks!🥳🥳💜💜


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