Surgery is Over!

I promised myself I would just rest yesterday, but I wanted everyone to know that my port is out and all is good. I had to be at the surgical suites at 0630 yesterday morning for surgery at 0800. I was a tad concerned because of the awful weather that was predicted overnight Wednesday into Thursday. It was snowing and the wind was blowing really hard when we left at 0600, but we did not have any issues getting to the hospital or getting home. We did stop at a red light (because I was in the car…anyone who knows me, knows that if I am in the car or on the phone with someone driving, you will hit every red light – it is an uncanny gift) We sat at the light and the winds just rocked the care back and forth, buffeting it as we waited to move again. The hospital staff had arrived early, and so did we. I check in and called back quickly and had an IV in and was ready to go by 0700. I went into the radiology OR suite at 0800 and was back in recovery by around 0900. We were out of there around 10-ish. I came home and just bundled up on the couch and watched TV with Rich and Tallinn for the rest of the day. I was awake during the procedure…they put me under “twlight” anesthesia via IV. Since Christmas is just a few days away, there weren’t any students practicing on me, which was great. It was quick and easy and there were no complications. The doctor showed me the split in the tubing of my port that was in my neck. It was about a half an inch long. Definitely not good. So the port is out. I am sewn up and just trying to remember to take it easy and heal. I had an ice bag on my incision site which helped tremendously with the pain when the local wore off. I have taken Tylenol a couple of times, but it seems to be fine now.

Thank you to those who sent messages of support during this unexpected medical mishap. I am happy that it is over and happy to not have had any complications. I am not without extra parts for the first time in three years, (besides the alien tumors in my body). I am not sorry to say goodbye to broken foreign objects in my chest and neck.

Today I overdid it a bit and will most likely sleep well tonight. I wanted to get some sweets done for Christmas, since Tim was going to be coming. He was supposed to arrive at midnight tonight. I am now hoping he will make it at all. All the self help kiosks are not working in the San Jose airport, so he jumped in line to check his bag. His flight has taken off while he was in this very long line….over 2 hours. Rich has been on hold with Southwest Airlines customer service for 1 hour and 45 minutes. It is a hot mess. He was going to miss his flight in Denver anyhow. At least he is stranded at home, I guess. I am hoping he will be able to be re booked for tomorrow. Fingers crossed and a prayer lifted. I would really like to have him here for Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Surgery is Over!

  1. So glad that the port surgery went well. Best wishes for a blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family, even in the midst of grieving Joe. Praying for you all and that Tim can make it in, after all. Love to all –


  2. I’m thankful it went well yesterday with the weather and getting that broken port out! I have friends stranded in Denver and South Dakota. You’re right, at least Tim is at home while waiting. That’s too bad about the check bag situation. I’ll be thinking of you all and praying for Tim to arrive!❤️💚🙏🙏


  3. Oh Cyndi, Sooooo….. happy for you that all went well with that port! I can hear the “whew”…and the vision of Florida fun with Michelle dancing in your head.
    You, Joe, Rich, Tim and Lily have a special place in my heart, thoughts and prayers this Christmas. Sending you a big Christmas hug and that you that see the Babe in the cold, stinking, barren barn. Blessed Christmas, Cyndi…Mary ❤️🎄🙏🎅🏻🎁


  4. Bless you my friend. I asked God to help Tim make it there safely. I asked him to put his arms around Tim and let him know he is loved beyond words. So relieved that your surgery went well. Merry Christmas my friend


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