Montana in the Fall

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to Montana for a short 5-6 day trip to go on a college visit with Lily in Bozeman and then up to the Flathead River Valley for a trip to Glacier National Park and our land. I wanted to share some photos of our time in Montana. Big Sky country definitely gives some spectacular sunsets. Even though it was mid-October, we still caught some of the colored leaves before the snow started to fly. The pictures of the white berries are called snow berries. They are edible. Lily and Rich tried them. They are supposed to taste like a wet wintergreen tic tac. Evidently that was a bit of a stretch as neither really liked them. We had just never seen them before.

2 thoughts on “Montana in the Fall

  1. Wow, these are absolutely stunning! I’m behind on commenting, but I have been reading. I’m so sorry about the car break-in, and I was thinking of you on All Soul’s Day. Your church really does a wonderful job, and I’m happy you have such a great parish family. It will be interesting to see where Lily goes to university. All your zoo photos are amazing too! I’m thankful for your medical background and that you can stay on top of your treatments. Love to you all!


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