A Rare November Visit to the Wildlife Safari in Ashland, Nebraska

All of the locals in the Omaha area know we have the best zoo in the country. It is our best kept secret. Part of the Henry Doorly Omaha Zoo is the Wildlife Safari, which is in rural Ashland, Nebraska…about 30 minutes from the zoo proper. There are herd animals here….buffalo, elk, deer, sandhill cranes, wolves, and bears. There are owls and bald eagles who are not able to be released into the wild due to eye issues or wings that didn’t heal properly. There are sandhill cranes and pelicans. The weather has been so unseasonably warm here, they have decided to keep the Wildlife Safari open a few weeks later than normal. I spent a couple of hours there a week ago enjoying the wildlife. You drive your car through miles of trails where you can go no faster than 7 mph and you are meandering through the pastures the animals are congregating in. The turkeys and the bluejays were just an added bonus. I saw a cardinal for the first time in MONTHS yesterday. However, I have been seeing bluejays EVERYWHERE. They had just fed the sandhill cranes and a bluejay couple decided they should share.

One thought on “A Rare November Visit to the Wildlife Safari in Ashland, Nebraska

  1. I love all of your pictures, but your nature and wildlife pictures are amazing and my most favorite! You are a very talented photographer!


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