October Zoo Photos

So I have to admit that I have my favorites at the zoo. There are the baby elephants…Eugenia and Sonny, both born in January of this year. They are just adorable. They are best friends and I love to watch them play. I have had the pleasure to see them learn to roll in the mud holes (and get stuck and have to have their moms pull them out) and to spray dust on their backs. I have some photos of that in this post as well as Eugenia piling hay on Sonny’s back….just to annoy him. There will be two more elephant calves born in 2023; one in the spring and one in the fall. One of the times I was there, the zoo train went by the elephant enclosure and something must have set the adult elephants off. They trumpeted and immediately surrounded the two babies and faced outward to protect them. Lily was with me when this happened. It was quite impressive. Watching the love between the mother elephants and their calves is amazing. It just gives me all the special feels. They are my favorites. Others that I enjoy looking at are the big cats: the leopards, lions, and tiger. The red panda is so stinkin’ cute, but likes to hide. If he is out and about, I will spend a lot of time waiting for him to look up and get out of his tree house. A lot of the birds are fun to look at as well. Pelicans just are so very different…they have been off their exhibit due to avian flu for much of the year. It is great to have them back. I have a few other random shots in there of animals that caught my eye. Enjoy!

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