Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I don’t know if the cruise lines were unhappy with Canada for closing its ports to cruise ships for 2+ years or what, but Canada got the short end of the stick during this cruise…and by most of the cruiselines coming through this port. We were required to make a stop in Canada…so we did – for 3 hours from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. Everything was already closed and we saw most of the city in the dark. We walked A LOT on this stop…going through some gardens along the coast and then heading inland towards the Chinatown…which was, of course, all closed. We were paired up on the ship with another family for all our dinner meals. They were also retired military and had a teen daughter adopted from China. Lily and Sophia pal’d around on the ship in the evening after dinner a few nights. We ran into them at the entrance to Chinatown and took pictures of the girls together. Sophia is younger, but is much bigger than our Lily. Sorry Canada, we tried to be friendly, but nothing was open!

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