Look Who is a Senior!

This week Lily starts her senior year. I am going to miss the first week and a half because I will be out of town, but her grandparents are by her side as she enters her last year of high school. I took a photo of her this morning before she went to her orientation at school. School starts Wednesday. She had a wild hair yesterday and cut off a good majority of her hair, which she will be donating as she did last time. This girl has had a really tough high school career. Freshman year, I am diagnosed with stage IV cancer and got very sick from my initial treatments. Then there was that whole COVID thing. Our relationship barely survived home school time. Ugh. Then, of course, her biggest brother dies in a car accident. Let us all pray for a quiet, boring year with nothing but good surprises in store for her.

On a side note, Michelle gave us Joe’s senior ring to give to Lily this week. It was funny because it was such a blend of Rich’s and my class rings. I am so sad that he won’t be here to cheer her on during her senior year. However, I know he is always by her side, watching out for her.

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