Tracy Arm, Alaska

On this day we had an excursion but we did not ever put our feet on land. We met a bunch our group of fellow adventurers at 6:30 a.m. to wait for our smaller boats to arrive and board them. When I woke up I looked at the temperature….knowing I would have to dress warmer being closer to the water and close to glaciers. The ambient temperature was 32 degrees. Layers! It was also windy and raining. Even better! I didn’t have to jockey for positions along the railing to take photos outside the main cabin.

For a few hours we tootled around, traveling to different glaciers in the area and marveling at the bright blue frozen ice everywhere in the mist. We saw a lot of seals and a few bald eagles. Lily couldn’t manage to find a sweatshirt she would like to have because she wanted a plain one…one that didn’t say ALASKA all over it. She did, however, find a hat that she loved to wear. The pictures of Rich sleeping was on our cabin balcony. We were cruising through this beautiful fjord and it was so peaceful. Rich was being my “spotter” in case we saw some wild animals or birds. However, between our early start that morning and the glaciertini (yep a martini made with glacial ice) that was pretty strong on the excursion, he didn’t last long. Considering we didn’t have winter coats, just rain coats layered over our other layers, we stayed relatively warm except for our fingers.

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