Henry Doorly Zoo Cuties

Before I left for Texas, I spent a day just walking around the zoo taking photos. It was cold and rainy and miserable. I didn’t have the zoo to myself, but the weather did scare a lot of folks away, which was great. When I entered the zoo, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that everyone was being allowed into the elephant house now. We have two baby elephants at our Omaha zoo, and visits have been strictly monitored and restricted. I could go in there and spent 15 minutes falling in love with Sonny and Eugenia. Next spring there will be another baby elephant born. I gave a donation in Joe’s name to support these baby elephants and Lily got a stuffed elephant in the mail from the zoo that was addressed to her from Joe. She sleeps with it. Joe loved animals and loved our zoo here in Omaha. So I spent several hours walking around taking photos of several different animals and sea life. I am sharing some of these photos with you. Last photo dump of the night…promise!

3 thoughts on “Henry Doorly Zoo Cuties

  1. You are true artist. There is a photo in black and white of and elephant and momma that I love. So when Jimmy and I got married, we had some family blending to do. We came up with a way to make everyone feel at home and free to speak their minds. We put an elephant of some kind in every room, including laundry rooms, bathrooms and kids rooms. We wanted everyone to “feel free to talk about the elephant in the room”. So if you ever get in the business of selling these. Let me know. New house has more rooms and I could see it fitting into one perfectly.


  2. I love elephants! These are all such great photos! (And, Ramses, I like the Elephant in the Room idea. Thank you!) 🐘🐘


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