As Time Crawls By

It has been a month. One month today…right about this very moment in fact, that Joe was taken from us. Crazy enough, all the sirens in Omaha just went off…it is a scheduled thing, but it was just weird coincidence for this one moment in time. We had a group of Joe’s friends over for dinner on Monday night. They actually made dinner and we supplied the kitchen and the house. It was nice to have some people who love Joe as much as we do join us for a meal and then sit and talk. We also video called Michelle, who had Zac and Megan there. Since everyone knew each other, it was good for everyone to support each other, albeit awkwardly, over the miles that separate all. Rich had breakfast this morning with a friend of his who lost his daughter in a car accident several years ago. He said it must have been a sight to see two big, grown men crying over their breakfast at the Farmhouse Cafe. I am so glad people have come forward to support him from their own experiences. Lily just came home from school early with a stomachache. We are all just feeling the loss of Joe today in our own way. Considering she has only missed maybe 4 days out sick in the last 12 years, I was happy to come and get her and bring her home. We continue to have people from all over the world who knew Joe reach out to us. It has been a blessing to see how many lives he touched in his life. It reminds us all that we need to live life to its fullest and always be compassionate to others. As Zac Oslica so aptly put it in his eulogy for Joe, his best friend, you need to learn to live like Joe and love like Joe. A month has gone by and it isn’t any easier yet. I still have flashes daily that this must all be a bad dream…and then the reality that it isn’t is gut wrenching. This photo was flashing on my echo show as I started this post and it is one of my favorites of Joe. It was taken at Ft. Benning, GA when Michelle and I were there visiting Joe for family weekend during basic training maybe seven years ago. Just love that smile! I love you, and miss you, my son.

2 thoughts on “As Time Crawls By

  1. Your open heart and gift for connecting with people – gifts that it sounds like Joe shared – have borne great fruit. There are clearly so many people who loved and knew Joe well, and who love and know you well. Continuing to pray for you, Rich, Tim, Lily, and Joe at least daily, by name, for God to bear you all up on His arms.


  2. I am keeping your whole family in my prayers. I feel like I keep repeating that phrase so much that maybe it sounds hollow to you by now? But please know that so many people are sending love and prayers your way. I am sorry for the heartache that comes with the loss you are feeling.


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