Uniforms and Quilts

I flew down Thursday to Houston to spend a week with my parents. It has been cold and rainy. The sun finally peeped out on Sunday and the temps are starting to regulate, although still below normal for here. I am having a blast spending time with my brother and his family. I already got to see my nephew play basketball, and will see one more game of his before I fly back on Wednesday. I was hoping to have wonderful basketball photos of Alex for my Week #8 photo, but I was called to be the scorekeeper in a pinch. Maybe for Week #9! I realized I needed to get some photos done and with limited lenses available to me and the weather being icky, I decided to give you a taste of my parents’ home. My mom is an avid quilter and you can tell that immediately. She has quilts on every bed, small lap quilts on the backs of couches and chairs, quilted wall hangings…quilted table runners, and extra quilts in every bedroom closet. Then my dad. His mind is failing so quickly now…but when I think of my dad, I think of his nearly 30 years of military service. His dress greens are hanging in the closet of the bedroom I am staying in. I took off the plastic and took a photo of his uniform…and also a small section of the quilt hanging on the wall in the room I am staying in. This is the taste of home for me….things that makes me think of my home where my parents live…quilts and uniforms. The photo I am choosing for Week #8 is the ranger tab photo.

This is my dad’s army dress uniform. He wears it on Veteran’s Day celebrations at his grandson’s school in Houston each year.
This is a Ranger Tab. This tiny little scrap on fabric is a huge deal. Ask any military person. Not many people can make it through Ranger school. My mom said my dad was so skinny when he graduated Ranger school…he had lost so much weight from the training and the survival part of the program.
This is just one of the hundreds of quilts that my mom has made. This is a beautiful wall hanging on the wall in the guest room.
This photo was taken at Thanksgiving. This is the quilt my mom made Tim when he graduated with his Master’s Degree. It is on his bed in California, where it covers him in love and prayers from his Grandma.

2 thoughts on “Uniforms and Quilts

  1. Wow, that’s really something! I’m sure your dad makes an impression on the students every Veterans Day! I love all the quilts too, and especially love that you’re able to be there for your dad’s birthday! Have a wonderful time with your Texas family!


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