Now it’s Just Gravy….

Today is my 51st birthday! If you have followed me long enough, you know that making it to 50 was one of my life goals. I managed to do that and now each birthday is just gravy….something special. I am thankful for not just each birthday, but each day that I am allowed to live.

My oldest son, Joe, came up from Kansas City last night to surprise me with a 24 hour Valentine and birthday visit. The weather is supposed to be stellar today – 63 degrees (compared to last year’s -15). I think we’ll head out for a nice walk around a lake this afternoon before he has to head back.

I need to make another short-term goal. Rich managed to get tickets to the opening Husker game against Northwestern at the end of August. That will be it. Why is this so special? Well, if you aren’t a Nebraskan, you might not know. First off, Husker football is a religion here. Even if they haven’t had a winning season in several years. Second off…and most importantly….this game is being played in Dublin, Ireland! Rich and I have never been to Ireland and I can’t wait! My camera is itching to take it all in! We may even make a quick stop in Norway to see some old stomping grounds and some friends!

I do have a long term goal….to be able to see Lily graduate from high school in May of 2023 and to move to our home in Montana shortly thereafter. We are in the process of buying CAD drawings now and meeting with architects to tweak a few things before getting bids from local builders. Can’t wait to have a plan and a timeline! It won’t be a palace, but all my kids can visit at the same time and each have a room…so that is the plan! It will have gorgeous views of mountains and be a 25 minute drive to the west entrance of Glacier National Park….so there will be room for visitors to come and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Very short term goal for me is to get my photographs uploaded from my trip to and fro last month and my field excursions to photograph eagles in our region. I am finally caught up processing them and will start sharing shortly!

Thanks to everyone who made this birthday wonderful already! I started getting messages from friends from Singapore last night….from England and Germany and Norway during the night….and so many texts and messages from all over the U.S. already this morning. I am feeling the love and really appreciate all the heartfelt messages. I am truly blessed to have lived such a wonderful life and been surrounded by such wonderful people. My cup overflows!

5 thoughts on “Now it’s Just Gravy….

  1. I daily rejoice in the Lord blessing you so richly and allowing you time to spend with family and friends. May His richest blessings continue to be bestowed upon you, dear friend!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful, vivacious, generous people I know! Love you to pieces! Have a wonderful day!!!!


  3. Happy birthday! I love all your goals and pray for you daily! A great thing about Facebook and this technology is that it enables us to stay in touch even though we no longer live in the same neighborhood or attend the same church. It’s wonderful Joe surprised you for a valentine and birthday visit. You have the best family! Peace and love to all!


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