Week #1 Photograph of P52 2022

Here is the photo I chose from the first week’s photos of 2022….the birthday girl and her long noodles get the nod for the first photo of the year! By the way, I also have a word that I am going by for the most part that all my photos should tie into…that is the word JOY. In a world that could really get you down and out with a pandemic, subzero temps, stage IV cancer….I choose JOY. I want to experience the joy in things whether they be the everyday mundane or something wonderful and special. I choose JOY. It helps that the Holy Spirit just beat me over the head with this word over the last week. It has filled my facebook feed, messages from friends, and ads that I have been seeing. JOY. It’s my word for 2022.

What is JOY in this photo? Lily, of course! She just loves her ramen noodles, piping hot, and always eats them out of these awesome Polish pottery soup mugs we got whilst living in Norway. This is her happy place…and therefore it brings ME the JOY I am talking about!

2 thoughts on “Week #1 Photograph of P52 2022

  1. Joy was the message in the Magnificat brunch I went to in Advent too, and I’ve been concentrating on that. Beautiful photo of Lily!


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