Happy 25th Birthday to Tim!

Tim is my youngest son and 25 years ago today, on the first nice day of the fall in Columbus, Mississippi, this red headed boy entered into the world. He was quiet and just would stare at everything and everyone…taking everything in. I once had someone tell me he was a “wise soul” and I think that pretty much sums him up. For many years he was pretty shy. However, he was very smart. He taught himself to read and write at age three by listening to me trying to teach his older brother, Joe. Tim has the typical redheaded stubbornness and that often plays to his advantage when he is trying to achieve a goal. Speaking of goals, I have never met a more driven person in my life. He sets goals and works very hard to attain them. I am now thinking back to the hours upon hours of basketball shots he took in the rain in Norway on our cobblestone driveway. He once got called out for not knowing enough about other strength and conditioning coaches in the U.S. – now he can rattle off their names and pedigrees….and most likely has listened to their podcasts or read their books. His desire to be the best in his field is admirable and I think that any athlete that trains under him will always get his 100% best.

Tim currently lives in Morgantown, West Virginia. He is taking his 2nd to last class for his master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning Coaching and he works as an intern at WVU. When Tim turns 26 next fall, he may well be in a different location, but I know he’ll be training elite athletes and doing right by them. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for him. As for right now, he is living in a beautiful area and even though it is 2 days drive from us, he is doing what he loves and he is learning a lot. That makes a mom’s heart feel a bit better when I can’t give him a hug on his quarter century birthday. So, I will take refuge in putting a bunch of pictures on this blog of him today….to honor him. I love you so much, Tim, and am so very, very proud of you. I know you are working so hard to get to a place where you can do what you want and get paid for it! It will come, and you will soar in your field.

One thought on “Happy 25th Birthday to Tim!

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Tim! I wish him all the best and hope he had a wonderful birthday even though he couldn’t get a hug from his adoring mother. Your family is very blessed to have you in their life, Cyndi.


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