Pro Football Hall of Fame

Saturday we got up and started to finish our way across Indiana…then into Ohio. We stopped in Canton, Ohio around lunchtime to tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is really very cool. If you are a football fan at all, I would highly recommend it! We were there for a couple of hours….but could have easily doubled that time. I went to high school with a man named Kevin Mawae. We both graduated from high school together down in Leesville, Louisiana. He has been blessed to have a long and successful NFL career after playing at LSU. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019. I wore his jersey and got a picture next to his bust in the Hall. Very cool. It was sure a nice break from the two days in the car. Afterwards, we got in the cars and drove the last three hours to Morgantown, West Virginia!

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