Fort Collins, Colorado Trip

We returned from Alaska on Thursday, close to midnight. I took Friday and Saturday to try and catch up on paperwork for the store and laundry and loving on Tallinn, who was pretty excited to see us.

On Sunday, I took off a bit before 0700 to make the 8.5 hour drive to Fort Collins, Colorado, to see Tim. I arrived in the afternoon and we proceeded to get all his worldly possessions packed up and in his living room. My Godson and youngest first cousin, Auggie Neitzke, lives in Fort Collins with his wife and their 4 month old son, also named Auggie. We met them for dinner after Tim and I took a short walk around Old Town Fort Collins. It was so nice to catch up. I hadn’t seen them since their wedding in Texas several years ago. Their son, Little Aug, is adorable and loves to look at everything. It has been a long time since I have been spit up on. I didn’t mind one little bit. It was great to see them.

After dinner, Tim and I carefully tetrised (that is the term we use for tightly packing) our two cars with his possessions. The next morning we turned around and drove back to Omaha to rest and relax for three days. We will be leaving Friday (tomorrow) to head to Morgantown, West Virginia, for Tim’s new adventure. He was accepted for a prestigious internship at UVW for the school year. This will not only help him accomplish the requirements he needs to finish his master’s degree in strength and conditioning coaching, but will also allow him to get a high level accreditation which will hopefully land him in a good job for next school year at a college somewhere….. I know Tim loves Colorado…but for the year he was there, he was in lockdown over COVID, and had major wildfires last summer keeping him inside. I am guessing he’ll be back again somewhere in Colorado…but for now, he is on to other adventures!

One thought on “Fort Collins, Colorado Trip

  1. I’d like to see a picture of your loaded cars!!! I can only imagine as I see all the items sitting there! More memories in the making!! Wishing you lots of energy and strength, and plenty of rest during your 3 day respite at home!! Take care!!!


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