Hazy Almost Sunset

I was up way too late last night…up too early this morning…It is time for me to get to bed and get some rest for tomorrow’s adventures. I just wanted to share with you what the inside of our great room in our lodge looks like. There are a row of about a dozen leather and wood rocking chairs that face out of some large windows facing the Alaskan mountain range. This has been my go-to place to hang out and read messages on Facebook and doing my daily Bible study. I bet it is gorgeous in the winter time when it is snowing! Yesterday you could see everything pretty well, but today it was hazy over the mountains and not very clear. I took a few pictures in the fireweed flowers…now that I know what they are called. On to the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Hazy Almost Sunset

  1. Your fireweed pictures are beautiful. Did you know you can make jelly out of them? It’s delicious. I only made it once, but loved it!


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