Leiomyosarcoma Awareness Day – July 15th

Well, I made it to another LMS Awareness Day. Yes, even my brand of crazy rare cancer has a day of awareness attached to it. Our color is purple, so I wore purple today. Purple was always my favorite color growing up. I have always loved the color green, but purple is a close second. I was kind of hoping the color would be some color I didn’t like…because I don’t like this cancer. Why did it have to be associated with one of my favorite colors? You know what else is a “sign” of LMS besides the color purple? Sunflowers. Gah! I LOVE sunflowers and taking photos in sunflower fields. So this disease seems to fit me. Sigh. I am doing okay. It is nice to not be on chemotherapy right now. However, this anastrozole is not a picnic. I am literally moving like an 80 year old until I get going. The joint pain and stiffness is not enjoyable. It slows me down. It makes me move in ways I don’t want to. But how can I complain when I am still here and still able to take care of myself and do wonderful things like check off some bucket list items? So today I thought of my friend, Hollie, who didn’t make it one year with her diagnosis. I prayed for her…for her family…for all those who are suffering with this awful, unpredictable form of cancer. Then I put it aside and didn’t think about it all day. Until I saw all the purple flowers at our lodge. Until I was put in the purple group at the flight seeing tour. It was like God was reminding me that He was thinking of me too today. That gives me pause to think of how fortunate I am to be his beloved daughter.

Here is a few signs being sent out amongst our LMS community globally I wanted to share:

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