Tallinn and Bubbles

My dog just loves life. I remember when I used to blow bubbles for the boys when they were little….and then later for Lily when she was little. None of them enjoyed the pure joy of popping those bubbles like my dog does. When we are going to blow bubbles for him, we wait until all three of us are outside to enjoy the show. He magically becomes the matrix dog as he twists and turns in the air to try and catch those bubbles that are blowing away on the wind. He actually leaped higher than Rich’s head yesterday! It was crazy. Here are a couple of photos of him living his best life. We were trying to wear him out as we were going to be leaving without him for vacation….and he knew it. He will play this until he literally is foaming at the mouth from biting so many bubbles. You just hear the “Snap! Snap!” of his jaws moving like an alligator as he attacks those bubbles.

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