A Special Family Visit

My Uncle Ken (my dad’s youngest sibling) and his wife, my Aunt Christine, stopped by our store this afternoon as they were passing through Omaha. We were able to sit and chat about all sorts of things. We also ended our visit holding hands and praying. It was a wonderful visit and I am so blessed to be able to see them! They live in Michigan and I hadn’t seen them in 4 years. This very likely could be the last time I see them, so there were lots of hugs.

3 thoughts on “A Special Family Visit

  1. 😊🥲💙❤️💖 sending you a hug, Cindy! That was me beeping on 90th and Center yesterday. You were walking your dog and I was bringing mine to get her nails clipped. She has black nails and black toes and about three years ago Sean tried clipping them and just about cut off the poor little ones toe. It look like we had had a mass murder in the house! So from then I am we’ve bit the bullet and paid to have her nails clipped. 😊

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