Give me Jesus at the dentist

Okay. Let me preface this whole post with the fact that I hate going to the dentist. I don’t have the best teeth to begin with and I have never been fond of going. I grew up moving all over the place and never had continuity of care, so there was also that. I have been going to this dentist for nearly 10 years and I really like her. She hums and sings along to the radio as she is working and is a mom of several kids and now a grandma. I was seen in Sept of 2019. I started up with my cancer journey in October 2019. My regular appointment was supposed to be March of 2020 and COVID went crazy and they closed down and I wasn’t safe to be out and about. So here we are. April 2021. I haven’t seen a dentist in over a year and a half. That in itself made me nervous. The whole time I have been on chemo I have had a really sensitive mouth. A few mouth sores here and there…thrush once (that is no fun!). Even on Doxil for the last year, during the third week of the round, my mouth would get really sensitive and it felt like my teeth were all shifting (like I was wearing braces) It was really weird. I had to change to a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. My mouth just felt sore and tight. I used oncology mouthwash to prevent mouth sores. Go figure, my local medical oncologist was not forthcoming with any helpful information. Sigh. Chemo does a number on your teeth and gums….and even though I am no longer on chemo but on anastrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, it also leeches calcium from your bones and teeth as a major side effect. I waited until I was fully vaccinated and then called my dentist down in Bellevue, Nebraska. (this is a 25 minute drive for me…but totally worth it in my mind) I was dreading today’s visit. They always ask about your health changes since the last time you have been there. Well…where do you start with a question like that when you are me? I sat down yesterday and typed up a synopsis of my health care and treatment over the last 18 months and highlighted the things most pertinent to them (zometa bone medication – can’t have any teeth pulled or root canals done within 6 months of having it – and I got it last month and get it every 3 months – and blood thinners). I handed it to the tech and she immediately got a dental hygienist who has dealt with several patients on chemo. She gave me lots of advice, did all my cleaning and polishing today, and gave me several pamphlets and samples of stuff to use for my mouth that I so wished I had 18 months ago. However, I was treated with such kindness and thoroughness. I was convinced I had several cavities. I did not. I rarely ask God for healing for myself. I feel it is kind of selfish with other people out there suffering more than me. However, I have to admit, that I talked to God about this dental visit. I told Him I could handle it if I had to have a lot of dental work done…because I wouldn’t have a choice. I would just have to deal with it. But I asked Him if He could help me through it and make it not so bad. I was in tears by the time I got into my car after my appointment. I thanked God profusely for taking this cross from me for now. I know a lot of you all are thinking what a child I am being about the dentist. I just really couldn’t handle a whole lot more. So I found Jesus at the least likely place…the dentist office today and I just wanted to share. Next appointment is Nov 11th. Curious as to what things will be like with my health at that point. Hopefully still chugging along!

3 thoughts on “Give me Jesus at the dentist

  1. Your post brought tears of gratitude to my eyes and heart. God is so good! I’m so thrilled to hear how well your dental appointment went. Thank you, Father!!!


  2. I love this so much! Got teary reading it. So, so glad you had such a positive dental experience after all that you’ve been through!


  3. Gurl. I get it. I so get it about the dentist!! I am so very happy for you! (Like, tears in my eyes happy for you … I told you: I get it. Hahaha!)

    You are doing great! On to November! 🦷🪥


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