Horseback Riding in the Snowy Mountains in Montana

Not many horse places are open during the winter….but this one in rural Kalispell was! The three of us spent 2 hours on the trails in the mountains on horseback. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it. My horse, Caramel, was in the back and decided to do a lot of plodding… kept falling behind. So we had to do a fair bit of trotting to keep up. It was a blast. The other family was from Chicago and when one of the little kids asked why the young man riding in the rear was wearing a gun in his holster, he said, “Just in case of mountain lions.” I think the dad of the kids, wearing square-toed leather dress shoes (sigh) blanched a bit. There were a lot of deer and turkey in the barnyard waiting for us to leave on the trail ride so they could eat the leftover feed dropped on the ground by the horses. Lily said it was her favorite part of the trip. (bonus!) It is hard to please a 16 year old year on a vacation with her parents and her dog that was breathing on her in the car the whole trip. :o)

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