Random Musings

My mind is going in a lot of different directions today. Yesterday, I was thinking of Rush Limbaugh, as I heard a guest speaker in his spot on his radio show which is played on the main AM radio station in our Omaha area. I wondered immediately to his health…and thought to myself that I would take his death kind of hard – not because I am an avid listener or anything like that, but to a fellow patriot who I respected and who was struggling with cancer. When I heard of his passing today, I was really sad. However, I really related to him on a lot of levels, especially in the last year, as we both battled cancer. Rush spoke quite extensively about his terminal diagnosis. He talked about how blessed he was to be told he was loved by so many. He said if he hadn’t gotten sick, maybe he would have never heard those messages of love for him. I totally feel the same way. He realized that his wife and family were his pillars of support on this earth and was overwhelmed with love for them. I, too, understand this. Before I heard of his death, I was messaging with another LMS warrior friend….someone who lives in another state, but I was hoping to be able to meet in the next couple of months. Her cancer has advanced and she was put on hospice today. She has children still at home. Her husband could not handle her illness and baled on her and the kids a few months ago. Having a support system is so key and I am so very blessed to have people supporting me in so many ways, and Rush more eloquently stated that fact a few months ago on air. So today, as we start our 40 days of Lent….I pray for Rush and his family….my friend and her children….and for you all. I will leave you with this thought that I saw yesterday that I put in my book of quotes…though I have no idea who to give the credit to: “Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.”

3 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. So sad about Rush! I’m so sorry to hear about your LMS warrior friend. I will send prayers also for everyone. Was really glad to hear that you had a great birthday. Hope you have a great week.


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