World Cancer Day 2021

With a pandemic that continues to rage on, there have been a lot of things put on the back burner. Support with those with cancer is one of them. While the world focuses on COVID-19, there are hundreds of thousands of cancer patients that are fighting a very personal and life-altering battle for their lives…alone. Loved ones can’t go into treatment with them for support. Doctor appointments are via zoom. Operations that would have been done straight away are being postponed. Those that are having surgery are again, facing it all alone. Cancer just doesn’t stop and take a time out because there is a pandemic. Life goes on and cancer rages on. I know there are lots of other diseases that fall right in this category…of people who need a lot of support and are finding themselves isolated for the last year. Imagine going through a battle with cancer…doing chemo and/or radiation….surgeries…all alone without the love and support of friends, family, church members who have always been by your side but are now not allowed to be for your own safety. I have been stuck at home alone since Nov of 2019. I am waiting for a vaccine that will cautiously give me some of my life back. So on this World Cancer Day…I wait….still. Most of my cancer friends abroad around this country and in others were made a priority and have been vaccinated. I am still waiting. Hopefully by March? We shall see.

A friend of mine who is a LMS thriver posted on Facebook this morning that she lives because she loves. We then all posted our reasons for continuing to fight this disease…the loves of our lives, our family. So this is why I continue to fight…for my loves, who are pictured below.

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