Sunrise over Snow

We had a bit of a snow event yesterday here in Omaha. We had 12 inches of snow fall. It is the most snow (non-storm) in a one day total since 1975. It just kept snowing yesterday! Lily was off of school yesterday and is off again today. People are trying to dig out. I knew it was going to snow big, so I made a huge pot of sauce and some meatballs. I end up freezing a lot of it to have for later. I went to put the meatballs in the freezer and realized my freezer wasn’t working…and the condition of some of my frozen (or not frozen in this case) items, made me realize it hadn’t been working for a couple of days. Bugger! I order my meat from a company so I had lots of food in there. Luckily, we have a refrigerator in the apartment in the basement. I went down and plugged it in and got all the contents of my refrigerator moved downstairs. It is pretty inconvenient, but better than sitting in the snow on my back porch. Lily was helpful in cleaning out the freezer and refrigerator and now we are just waiting for a repairman. It will be a few days. Our house came with a projector, which we use rather than a TV. That light bulb went out a few days ago and won’t be replaced for a couple of weeks. My house has decided it is done with all of us being home so much. I think it is tired and wants us all to go back to school, work, etc…and let it rest!

This morning Rich was outside starting to snowblow at 0700. I joined him at 0730 to help do the shoveling. We finished our house and moved on to our neighbors. I shoveled 3 walks and Rich cleared about a half a dozen driveways. It really was a peaceful morning to be out. We got to watch the sun rise and I tried to capture some of the beauty of it with my phone. I can tell you that it did not do the actual scene justice, but still wanted to share with you. I will be taking Tallinn out later and I am sure there will be something fun to see with him. He loves the snow.

One thought on “Sunrise over Snow

  1. Your freezer – my dishwasher. Augh. I’m gonna see what I can do to fix it this afternoon. So for now, good ol’ hand washing is in order. I’m cool with that, but I’m pretty sure the Angels think we’re now living in the dark ages!

    Great photos! Looking forward to seeing Tallinn’s joy in the snow. That dog. I ❤️ that dog!


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