Better Today

Sorry about last night. I had just reached a breaking point…and crumbled. But as I said, I don’t want to sugar coat things because life with cancer can’t be. It is a roller coaster ride. Yesterday I was still pretty much dealing with my ‘roid rage, which I deal with for a couple of days after chemo before I start feeling icky for a week. So no worries…I will be trading my bad mood swings that I try so hard to contain for nausea soon and will be back to my old self. I was also (thanks to the steroids) going on 4 hours of sleep. I was able to just collapse into bed last night…albeit very very late (or early) but thanks to a blizzard here in Omaha, I didn’t have to get up and get Lily going for school, so we all slept in, which was wonderful and needed. I did get an email from the state of Nebraska’s veterans department this morning. I may not qualify for VA benefits, but I qualify to have “veteran” stamped on my driver’s license and to have Air Force Veterans license plates. Sigh. There is that, I suppose. Rich will be getting his 1st vaccine in a couple of hours. I am happy for him. It will, in reflex, also keep me healthier. Since he is in retail and out and about in the store each day and in the public running errands for the store, he is less likely to bring it back home to me, which I have worried about.

Now on to lesser issues….like how to do my photography class project photos regarding hard and soft natural like in the middle of a blizzard. First world problems that will most likely have to wait until tomorrow when the wind and snow abate and the sun peeks out again. Off to get some work and home stuff done. Lily is off of school today. She missed 3 days of school for our trip to Colorado and now has a four day weekend to catch up. I told her it was a blessing from God for that (she is not good at playing catch up, unfortunately, or working independently from home). I am sure some of you heard her teenage sigh and eye roll from where you live. Have a blessed day everyone, and stay warm!

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