Last Day in Colorado…

So I am playing catch up at this point. I wanted to put out some photos from late Sunday/Monday. I was blessed to be contacted by my former co-worker from Academy International Elementary School in Colorado Springs from 15-18 years ago. Better yet, Renee and I have stayed in touch over the and we are friends. She and her husband, Dave, were kind enough to make the 30 minute drive from their home to Beaver Creek to meet with Lily and me. It was wonderful catching up with her! The years just melted away….and it was wonderful. I will have to say that we were all frozen by the time we parted ways, but it was so worth it!

I also had to pose with Tim for my January 12th “Kiss a Ginger Day” photo! I had no issues….he tolerated it well. I was just sorry I couldn’t give a kiss to my other favorite ginger, my other son, Joe.

We had such a fabulous time in our extended weekend in the Rocky Mountains! We were fortunate, as I was expecting like 2 feet of snow…put they are in a drought there as we are here in Omaha…but they had enough snow for skiing and snowmobiling. We have decided we need to go back to see the Maroon Bells again in either the summer or the fall so we can see the full scene…those three mountain peaks and the beautiful lake in front of them. The lake couldn’t be seen at all because it was covered in snow. I loved the snow version, so maybe the fall would be awesome as well! This was a bucket list check off for me….so I am looking forward to checking off some of the rest of my bucket list items….the Grand Tetons (again….maybe in snow this time?) and some other places out west.

January 12th – Kiss a Ginger Day!

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