Echocardiogram #2 in the books!

I had my 2nd echocardiogram this morning. I will be getting them every 3 months while I am on Doxil, as it can be heart toxic. Molly, my technician, was awesome. We got a pretty good laugh because she had the hiccups and was absolutely mortified when they just wouldn’t stop. Hopefully I put her at ease because we were laughing and talking about other things during the short scan (she recognized pretty quickly that we didn’t have to do a full echo like last time, so I was in and out in less than 20 minutes). By the time I left, I pointed out to her that her hiccups were gone. She smiled (at least I think she did under her mask). I won’t be getting any results until I see my oncologist for chemo next Wednesday….at least that is usually how it works.

My new 16 year old daughter has pointed out to me twice today so far that my hair is a hot mess. I just don’t know how to manage curls going everywhere. I keep letting it grow thinking at some point it will become manageable. Evidently hats are still my friend….lol.

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